Security Audit

SolidProof conducts strict audits of smart contracts to identify vulnerabilities, enhance code quality, and optimize gas utilization. Our experienced team follows a rigorous methodology, delivering top-notch smart contract auditing services that prioritize security and reliability.

Techniques and methods

The following techniques, methods and tools are used to review smart contracts:

Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

During the Structural Analysis phase, we examine the design patterns and structure of smart contracts to ensure that they are structured in a way that won't cause future issues. This involves thoroughly checking the smart contract's design patterns and structure.

Static Analysis

Static Analysis

We undertake a comprehensive static analysis to meticulously identify vulnerabilities within contracts. This crucial step involves leveraging a suite of cutting-edge automated tools calibrated to thoroughly test the security of smart contracts, leaving no stone unturned.

Code Review

Code Review

We conduct manual analysis of the code to identify new vulnerabilities and verify any vulnerabilities found during static analysis. We meticulously examine the contracts, thoroughly checking their logic against those described in the whitepaper.

Gas Consumption

Gas Consumption

During this phase, we evaluate the performance of smart contracts in a live environment. Our focus is on determining the amount of gas consumed and exploring ways to optimize the code for more efficient gas usage.


How to Audit

  • 1

    Request a quote

    Share the source code with us and we estimate the cost and time based on the complexity and size of the project.

  • 2

    Begin of review

    We start checking the code for vulnerabilities. We basically check all contracts manually line-by-line, of course we also use automatic tools for support.


    Initial Audit report

    As soon as all tests are completed, the team is informed about the vulnerabilities found and we assist in problem solving.


    Complete Audit

    After all vulnerabilities are fixed or acknowledged, a final audit report is issued.

Vulnerability Checklist

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Timestamp Dependence
Gas Limit and Loops
DoS with Block Gas Limit
TX-Ordering Dependence
Use of tx.origin
Exception disorder
Gasless send
Balance equality
Byte array
Transfer forwards all gas
ERC20 API violation
Malicious libraries
Non-fixed Compiler version
Redundant fallback function
Send instead of transfer
Style guide violation
Unchecked external call
Unchecked math
Unsafe type inference
Implicit visibility level

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Any questions?

A smart contract audit is a thorough review and analysis of a smart contracts code and functionality. It aims to identify potential vulnerabilities, security risks, and coding errors to ensure the contract operates as intended and is resilient against potential threats.

A smart contract audit is crucial to ensure the security and reliability of a smart contract. It helps mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities, bugs, or loopholes that could lead to financial losses, exploitation, or manipulation. Audits provide developers, users, and investors confidence by demonstrating the contracts integrity and adherence to best practices.

SolidProofs technicians consist of highly skilled and experienced blockchain security experts. Our auditors specialize in smart contract audits and penetration testing and possess in-depth knowledge of various blockchain platforms, coding languages, and security best practices. The team follows a rigorous and systematic approach to ensure the highest accuracy and effectiveness in their audits.

Our smart contract audit process includes a comprehensive review of the contracts code, logic, and architecture. It involves a combination of manual analysis and automated tools to identify potential security vulnerabilities, coding errors, or compliance issues. The auditors also conduct testing and simulation scenarios to evaluate the contracts behaviour in different conditions.

The timeframe for conducting a security audit or testing can vary depending on the projects complexity and the scope of contracts. The duration typically ranges from two days to two weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the contracts. Generally, it involves a comprehensive evaluation of the projects codebase, smart contracts, and overall security architecture. At SolidProof, we prioritize both efficiency and accuracy in our audits, ensuring that the assessment is conducted promptly without compromising the quality of our findings.

Yes, after completing the smart contract audit, SolidProof provides a comprehensive audit report that includes detailed findings, recommendations, and suggested improvements. This report serves as a valuable resource for developers, project owners, and investors to address identified issues and enhance the security and reliability of their smart contracts.

To request a smart contract audit from SolidProof, please visit Contact page and fill out the inquiry form. Our team will get in touch with you to discuss your specific requirements, provide a tailored proposal, and guide you through the audit process. Alternatively, you can also contact the CFO Kevin Arens (Direct contact: Telegram, E-mail) or the CSO Brandon Willis (Direct contact: Telegram, E-mail) directly on Telegram for a fast response and quote.