Solidproof.io · 2022/03/10 · Read 39 secs

The Contract of „The great legendary“ is not audited by SolidProof.io

Dear Community,

recently we have received more and more requests regarding "The great legendary" NFT game. On February 25, an advance payment has been made, the final version of the Contracts would be made available to us after 7-9 days. We were only able to look into the repositories of the frontend.

During this time, we have received more inquiries from the community about whether the audit has already started. This question also came up in the Telegram group of the project, but was answered by the operators that the audit has already started.

After this occurred increasingly, we actively requested the Contracts today and which was subsequently also provided to us. However, due to the circumstances, we have ended our cooperation with the project and will not audit "The great legendary" NFT game.