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Statement on Chibi Finance

Chibi Finance Statement

SolidProof was contacted by the owner of Chibi Finance to audit a token contract, including the contracts included in our Github, that were located in a private, since deleted repository. However, this token contract was never used, as the owner switched to another one after the audit was uploaded.

The token contract that was audited (and stated in the audit report) can be found here:

The token contract we audited was not used by the project owners, and SolidProof did not audit any other contracts related to Chibi Finance outside of the ones we have present in our GitHub. Any modifications to the actual contracts deployed on mainnet by Chibi Finance are not part of the audit.

The Chibi Finance team used this audit report to deceive investors that do not check the information within the report, making them think that the protocol was secured by us.

This incident highlights the importance of reading a smart contract audit and its connected contracts instead of blindly assuming a project is safe because a single contract, or a portion of contracts, is audited.

We urge everyone to analyse the audit report that was made:


Your SolidProof team.