Solidproof.io · 2023/07/28 · Read 50 secs

HarryPotterFanToken Statement

Statement on HarryPotterFanToken

We value transparency and security, and we assure the community that the HarryPotterFanToken contract itself has no malicious intent, despite the team failing our KYC process.

SolidProof is aware that certain websites are displaying the HarryPotterFanToken contract as a honeypot. We want to clarify that the information shown is not accurate and does not reflect the true nature of the codebase. However, some other simple contract checker websites do not display a honeypot warning, which is correct in this case.

Our team has conducted a thorough assessment, and we can confirm that the contract is secure and free from honeypot functionalities. Additionally, we would like to highlight that the ownership has been renounced, and the fixed fees set to 5%. The false honeypot warning is connected to the "burn fees" functionality on each transaction, which in no way indicates this contract is a honeypot.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to us via our channels!

Sincere regards,
Your SolidProof.io team