Fraud report

We have opened an investigation case for the XiangDoge project because there are indications of fraud. Please help us to provide the relevant investigating authorities with all the data they need to investigate.
As we have audited the project with our KYC service, we are now taking further steps to bring those responsible to justice.

Then this information will be bundled and sent to the appropriate authorities. After the data has been transferred, we will give you a suggestion on how you too could write your email to build up more pressure with the authorities.

On Medium.com we publish the current status of the investigation.

In case the investigating authorities needs your email.
Please provide your name for a serious investigation.
Please provide your wallet address to prove that you're an investor.
We also need the country were you're located.

When did you buy those tokens?
How many tokens did you buy?
What was the approximate price of the tokens?
Can you provide the transaction ID?

Do you have any additional informations, that can help?

By sending the form I confirm that SolidProof.io may save my data and use it for further investigation steps.

We will not share this data with anyone who is not involved in the investigation. After the data has been sent to the relevant investigative authorities, it will be irrevocably deleted within 3 months.